The DWGPROPS tool is a Java command line tool for extracting meta information from DWG and DXF files.


The tool depends on the same code the de·caff Viewer uses.

It allows to extract the meta data set by AutoCAD’s DWGPROPS command, some header variables which also provide meta data and a few other items like layout names.


Here you can download the latest version:

Download dwg-props.jar.

Read This

Java programs can do anything to your computer just like any other program you download from the Internat. That means that you’ll have to trust me to run it on your machine. Basically you shouldn’t because TANSTAAFL. I tell a bit on my motivation to give this away for free on my viewer’s page under Java Security Issues.

And yes, I promise that I did my best to make this a useful tool which works as intended, and there is nothing deliberately malicious included.


If you have no idea what a command line tool is you can also try to use the de·caff Viewer which also gives access to meta data: just look for a tab at the bottom of the window after the file is loaded.

To run the tool you require at least Java 8 installed on your machine. As a command line tool you run it basically the following way

$ java -jar dwg-props.jar [switches...] filenames...

When called without any arguments like

$ java -jar dwg-props.jar

a help is printed to the console. As it is quite a lot of text you should pipe the output into a pager.

The easiest way to call it is

$ java -jar dwg-props.jar

where <your-dwg-file> is the path to one of your drawings either in DXF or DWG format.